Combining the discipline of analytics with the creativity of vision

Stroudwater’s hospital and system strategic planning combines the creative process of shaping a compelling vision of an enterprise’s future success with a disciplined approach of defining the tasks, accountabilities, and progress measures that are crucial for successful execution of the vision.

With over two decades of strategic planning experience, Stroudwater recognizes that there is no single “one size fits all” method for creating high value strategies for hospitals and systems. Our approach is customized to the circumstances and realities of each client.

Each customized approach does share foundational characteristics. These include at a minimum:

  • A re-assessment of organizational mission and purposes.
  • Development of a vision that describes future success.
  • An analytical review of the current status and trajectory of market conditions, including demographic, competitive perspectives including market share analysis, population-based use rate trends, and future changes in supply side market characteristics.
  • Clinical service-specific reviews of existing volume trends, new service opportunities, and specific options for competing or affiliating with other providers in the market.
  • An evaluation of strategic options. This frequently takes the form of a scenario planning exercise that models alternative strategic options and their implications for achieving organizational purpose.
  • An analysis of capital structure, financial performance indicators, and future investment requirements and funding strategies for strategic execution.
  • Development of a strategy map and key performance indicators for communicating and tracking performance around the strategic

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