Bridging investment needs and financing capacity

Stroudwater Associates assists our clients with accessing the capital required to execute critical strategic initiatives. We specialize in capital planning and capital access advisory services for projects that are stalled or require careful alignment of organizational, facilities, and/or physician alignment strategies with a viable financing strategy.

We are recognized experts in a broad array of financing sources, including:

  • Tax exempt and taxable debt
  • USDA and FHA 242
  • Capital partnering
  • Monetization of non-core assets
  • Joint ventures
  • Affiliations

We work to find financing options that fit specific client needs and facilitate implementation of organizational strategy and critical initiatives. As such, our team is not incentivized toward any specific source of capital or financing strategy. We collect no underwriting, mortgage banking, or other fees tied to a specific funding source.

We are adept at integrating organizational, facilities planning, and physician alignment strategies with financing strategy. Our engagement teams are structured to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to address unique client circumstances.

Accessing more than
$500 million since 2005

Client funding has been accessed using fixed and variable rate tax-exempt debt, capital partnering, FHA 242, bank loans, and joint ventures.

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